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Since before covid, stress has been an issue for many people, its when it affects our lives we need to take action and seek help.

Now with lockdowns and further restrictions it is no suprise many people feel more stressed than they would have been normally. Uncertainty of the future is putting many people under pressure.

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If it is left unresolved it can manifest into mental health issues as well as physical ailments and other problems that can be very serious to the person with it.

The good news is Hypnotherapy, NLP and Cognitive Behaviour Therapies are proven effective way to deal with Stress in a timely way, and help people to take control of their lives.

There are nuemrous published studies showing how effective Hypnotherapy is, here is a a 2019 Article for you to read.

What is Stress?

Its quite difficult to put an exact definition to stress, however we all know what its like to 'be stressed', whether that is due to pressure from outside like work or home, or the way we feel when we cannot achieve clarity in our thoughts.

We each have our own personal definition of stress, and it affects us individualy. Our thoughts and processes result in how we feel.

Common Signs, Causes and Effects of Stress

Do you notice any of these in yourself?
  • irritablity
  • aggression
  • impatient or wound up
  • over-burdened or over whelmed
  • nervous or fearful
  • unable to enjoy yourself
  • unable to look to the future
  • find it hard to laugh
  • a sense of dread or foboding
  • worried about your health or wellbeing
  • neglected
  • isolated
  • loneliness

  • finding choices difficult
  • constantly overthinking things
  • avoiding situations that are troubling you
  • snapping at those aroound you
  • short tempered
  • biting your finger nails
  • picking at your skin
  • having challenges concentrating
  • over or under eating
  • smoking or drinking alcohol more than usual
  • restless, unable to get a good nights sleep
  • being upset, tearful or crying without knowing why.

Stress can affect us physically resulting in:

  • shallow breathing or hyperventilating
  • panic attacks
  • tension in back, neck and arms
  • blurred eyesight or sore eyes
  • sleep issues or having nightmares
  • losing interest in sex or being unable to enjoy sex
  • feeling tired or run down all the time
  • grinding your teeth
  • headaches
  • high blood pressure
  • indigestion, reflux or feeling sick
  • Bowel issues, constipation or diarrhoea
  • feeling sick, dizzy, lightheaded or fainting.

Feelings of stress are caused by our perception and thought processes:

  • mental pressure
  • major life changes
  • perceived overwhelm
  • having responsibilities that you're finding overwhelming
  • employment issues
  • uncertainty in what life will bring
  • loss of a friend or loved one
  • past events
  • inability to deal with an experience
  • it's your perception of the situation that results in the feeling

We're all uniqure, and have a unique life story. in childhood we learn how to do things, and sometime our coping mechanisms do not keep up with modern life and it's challenges.

The good news is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, NLP and Hypnotherapy have all been proven to be effective and are available to you Today!

Contact me today and find out how I can help you achieve your goals

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