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Quick Benefits

  • Highly effective, getting the help you need in a new way

  • Secure and Confidential, modern platforms provide security

  • Comfort of Your Own Home, Pick a time, and get comfortable at home to receive the help you want

  • No special equipment or knowledge is needed

  • Save money, no need to travel to a Centre or Office

  • Onlinie Sessions are proven as effective as face to face in most situations 

Proof that Online Sessions are Effective

One of the biggest concerns of Therapists and clients alike, is about online therapy sessions, just how effective is it for the clients?

There is however, no need for concern, when properly set up and managed, online sessions can be just as effective as face to face sessions, and ongoing studies continue to confirm this.

In the professional publication 'The Lancet', a recent research paper, it was reported that online therapy for depression appeared as effective as cognitive behavioral therapy. Those clients who used online sessions continued to experience benefits for over 8 months. 

In a separate study, it was found that both face to face and online sessions were equally effective in treating clients with depression. 

Onine Sessions will become commonplace, and clients will receive the care and support they deserve. 

Online Sessions reaches everyone

As there is no need to travel and visit a therapy centre or office, the accessibility of Online Sessions and the therapies they oiffer becomes open to anyone with the most basic of PC, Tablet or Phone.

Concerns over security, and confidentiallity are being proven unfounded in many respects as technology moves on, and most platforms are secured by SSL, giving confidence in the new technology.

Easier accessibility for at-risk and ability impaired people

Accessibility to online sessions is extremely important for those who cannot attend a therapy centre or office, as it provides the ability to receive the help you require from the comfort of your own home. There is also a consideraion to be given to those who are in a situation where attending a face to face session may cause anxiety or other issues.

Going Online provide an ideal way for everyone to get the help they want in their own homes, online, and in comfort. 

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