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Welcome to the Wheel of Life!

Wheel of life download
Click the link above and get your free, no obligation wheel of life to use while reading this and you may find just how easy and powerful a tool this is.

Let me run through with you how to use the Wheel effectively

It is believed this tool originates from Tibetan Buddhist's and has been around for centuries in one form or another. It has changed over time, originally being a means of spriritual development, now used as a tool for personal change and development. The downloadable version has instructiions attached to help you begin. If you get stuck or require help, contact me and I will help you get moving.

By being honest with yorself you will create a snapshot of where your life is right now. By taking the large chunk we call life and dividing it into smaller manageable chunks you will begin to realise where changes are needed.

Although having a personl coach guide you through the sheet and keep you focussed is where I come in, you can use this tool alone, or ask a trusted friend to help you fill it in.

Remember energy flows where your focus goes.

So using the segments of the wheel, decide how happy and satisfied you are in each area, take time, be honest, and mark the score out of ten with a lne in the relevant area. (0-10 is shown on the right hand side), and once you have this information you can decide on which goals are important to focus on first.

The core segments or categories

The Wheel of Life is really a pie chart, in which segments represent the various parts of your life that you consider important.

  • Career
  • Money
  • Health
  • Friends & Family
  • Significant Other
  • Personal Growth
  • Fun & Leisure
  • Home Environment

 Remember you can cross out any label and replace it with another more fitting your situation, you can also use a seperate wheel to chunk down to smaller steps for bigger challenges. We all have our own ideal size of task we can achieve.

So, How does the Wheel of Life work?

You simply place a mark for the value of 1 nearer the centre of your wheel The highest value of 10 is therefore placed at the most outer edge of your wheel.

Once you have ompleted your Wheel of Life, imagine the wheel created by the lines was on a bicycle you were riding. How comfortable a ride is it?.

It is possible to see immediately which areas have scored less and where your life satisfaction is at the present moment, and which areas require working on.

Remember that no one segment or catagory is seperate from another, each plays a significant part in your journey.

When filling in the Wheel of Life, don’t worry about which segment or category you start with, pick the one you feel most confortable with to begin and work from there.

Three Hints to using the wheel effectively.

Step 1. Make a start!

You can either print out the template, or create a version of your own containing the 8 segments representing the different categories.

Mark a 1 close to the centre and a 10 near the outside of wheel, this is so you can note your values.

Fill in each segment, this will give you a snapshot of your happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment in the various categories as of now. As I preveiously mentioned, take your and do this when you won’t be distracted.

Step 3. Reflection

After completing your internal questioning and the Wheel of Life, you will notice the shape your personal wheel has taken.

Ask yourself, what you notice about the balance of your Wheel? What would the ride be like if you were on a bicycle with that wheel? 

Are there any surprises, higher or lower numbers than you expected?

Step 4. Action

Having now completed your Wheel of Life, you can now put what you have revealed and get into action: create those ‘SMART’ goals and start new exciting challenges. Expand your ideas and horizons. Use your Happiness Wheel to point you in new directions. Get a sheet of paper, maybe some post it notes and get brainstorming some new smart goals and plans.

As you progress, redo your Wheel of Happiness. This will make it easy to notice where you are at that time, and notice any changes needed to your goals too.  This way it is the best way to track your development and progress.

If something doesnt work, change it.

If you would like some online coaching with Me, Norman Hinks, about your Wheel of Life and your goals and areas for improvement, simply use the contact form on the right and begin the conversation.